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Every customer is a new challenge for us, intellectual adventure, but first and foremost task to perform.

We are known as a partner with whom relations are based on good communication – they must be so because the only way we can know customer expectations and efficiently moving in the direction chosen by him. Trust built on professionalism, expertise and commitment of our specialists carried out projects and knowledge of the labor market. That confidence pays off. Our customers appreciate the speed of operation, a very high level of professionalism and good content. We respond quickly to the needs and are flexible.

W.T.S - Work Temp Service is a professional partner in business!

Professional business partner that guarantees the highest level projects Work Temp Service built over the years by honesty and integrity. Instructing customers appreciate us for transparent communication, the candidates also highly appreciate this value. We make every effort to ensure that it has not changed. We also ensure that the flow of information between us, candidates and clients was completely safe.

Specified projects, vast experience of consultants, in-depth knowledge of the market, and finally the complexity of the offer Work Temp Service, and also all ethics in action – without this difficult market staffing companies no business credibility, there is simply business. We guarantee a case by case basis approach to each project, one hundred percent commitment of managers and consultants who are under time pressure do the work with the greatest solicitude and attention to the smallest detail. High quality of projects and customer satisfaction is our primary aim.

Thank you for your trust.

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